We are a constantly growing group of people focused on safe, fun lightsaber combat. We take real world combat techniques and apply them to the seven forms of lightsaber combat so you can feel authentic while proudly swinging your saber. We strive for realism in our combat, as well as make sure you are safe while doing it. We require you to wear protective gear to make sure you are as safe as you can be while still having fun. Our training group, known as Rogue Squadron, are a team of professional martial artists that have varying degrees of experience, each person with a different specialty in their background. Once we help you get into a state charter, we pair you with one of our rogue squadron team to start learning Shii Cho, the first form of lightsaber combat. Once you gain knight status in Shii Cho, you can move onto other forms that might suit your style of fighting better. We love Star Wars, we love lightsabers, and we have a passion to connect with like minded people and have fun.

May the Force Be With You…..Always

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